Enhancing Precision in Code Migration Planning

Streamline your code migration strategy with SAP Custom Code Analysis. Uncover inefficiencies, ensure seamless transitions, and elevate your system’s performance. Empower your digital transformation journey.

Enhance resource allocation efficiency by tailoring scope, timeline, and staff-hours according to your code analysis.

Offers the right value with everything that’s required to Assess and Plan your SAP led digital transformations

Cybernetic entity for SAP Transformations

This statement offers a comprehensive view of how S/4HANA affects your system and current business processes.

Reduce assessment efforts by 75%.

Effortlessly achieve 75% reduction in assessment workload while maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

Execute data-driven assessments.

Efficiently perform assessments guided by data insights, enhancing decision-making accuracy and operational effectiveness.

Recognize necessary expertise.

Identify essential expertise required for successful task execution, ensuring optimal performance and informed decision-making.

Custom Objects Profiling

Effortlessly comprehend all custom objects in your SAP ERP system, including usage patterns and business users of custom reports and transactions. Simplify the task for SAP ABAP and Functional Consultants.

Custom Code Impact Analysis

Efficiently evaluate custom code effects when transitioning to S/4HANA. Gain insights into impacted areas, objects, code lines, effort, levels, and SAP Notes. Streamline tasks for SAP Technical and Functional Consultants in managing custom code migration, even amidst the complexity of over 300k+ SAP simplifications in the latest version.

Custom Code Optimization Analysis

Effortlessly gauge the potential for custom code optimization within your SAP ERP system. Gain insights into optimization areas, objects, effort, and level. Simplify tasks for SAP Technical and Functional Consultants, enabling the streamlined implementation of efficient custom reports and transactions.

Revolutionize your SAP Custom Code Adaptation journey.

Migrate your Custom Code with confidence in one SaaS platform

Migration Risks-80%


Custom Code Automation Bots

Project Time -60%


Project & Test Documents Automation

Project Budget -50%


Custom Code Remediation automated

Rapid discoveryAutomated

48 hrs

Fully automated Assessment

Archiving recommendations

Plan your transition with advisory of archiving

Plan your transition with advisory of archiving, not only based on documents, however based on the use of custom reports and transactions. Realize the custom objects data captured in system to get insights on archiving recommendations for an effective management of SAP data footprint.