The Roadmap to Building a successful Commerce Business.

This comprehensive roadmap guides aspiring entrepreneurs through the essential steps and strategies to establish a thriving eCommerce business, from product selection and platform setup to marketing and customer retention

MeritoCloudCommerce: Empowering Your B2B E-commerce

Elevate Your Business with MeritoCloudCommerce Meritotech Inc. introduces MeritoCloudCommerce, an innovative B2B e-commerce platform designed to streamline your order processing and enhance the user experience. Our platform seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One, offering a comprehensive solution that catifies to your unique business needs.


Key Business Features:

Customer Management

Streamline customer profiles, enabling easy login, password retrieval, and profile updates.

Search Functions

Robust search capabilities with faceted filtering and keyword search for easy product discovery.

Catalog Management

Create customized product catalogs for each customer, ensuring personalized offerings.

Order & Web Content Management

Smooth and secure transaction process with easy cart management, checkout, and order tracking.

Technical Excellence at the Core:

SaaS-Based Application with Multi-Tenancy:

Supports multiple organizations with comprehensive subscription management and secure PayPal integration.

Advanced Authentication & Authorization:

Utilizes the ASP.NET Identity Framework with two-factor authentication and social media logins for enhanced security.

Mobile Application for On-the-Go Access:

Cross-platform mobile app built with Flutter, providing a seamless user experience across iOS and Android devices.

Solid Architecture and Strong Frameworks:

Built on a clean, layered architecture using .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, and Angular for cross-platform compatibility.

Cross-Cutting Concerns for Comprehensive Coverage:

Addresses validation, logging, exception handling, and security logging, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Our Tech Stack

We focus on emerging technologies for building high performing web & mobile products that can be securely deployed in the cloud.


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Discover the Power of MeritoCloudCommerce Experience the unique blend of business functionality and technical excellence with MeritoCloudCommerce. Contact us to learn how our platform can transform your B2B e-commerce operations and drive your business forward.