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Embrace SAP's Automation Revolution: Simplify, Optimize, Succeed


Performing analyses within an expedited timeframe of 2-5 days on average.


Provides in-depth 360-degree analysis of processes, custom objects, and overall landscape.


Ensures compliance with SAP standards, security protocols, and seamless platform support.


Maximizes data-driven, no-code, and non-invasive techniques to their utmost capabilities.

Business Process Mining

Gain an overview of business processes through comprehensive profiling of business processes, analysis of company structure and assess the impact of switching to S/4 Hana.

Landscape Assessment

Gain a deeper understanding of your SAP environment with interface reviews, user profiling, archiving recommendations, and add-on analytics.

Custom Code Analysis

A comprehensive assessment of custom objects and the impact of custom code on migrating to S/4 HANA allows you to migrate your custom code with confidence and clarity.

Transformation Insights

Welcome to RISE with SAP business transformation with insight into process redefinition aligned with SAP scope items.

Timeline & Effort Estimation

Get a comprehensive S/4 HANA migration roadmap based on 20+ evaluation and effort estimates from the perspective of SAP customers and SAP system integrators.


Frequently Asked Questions

What structure does Meritotech use to connect to a sap system?

Through the RFC SDK included with all SAP NetWeaver systems, Meritotech connects to a SAP system. Through the SAP System's RFC Layer, Meritotech is connected. There is no requirement to install any external probes or business configuration sets.

How does Meritotech guarantee a smooth switch from an ECC SAP system to a SAP S/4 HANA system?

The Meritotech.AI system automatically scans the database to identify documents, tables and custom programs that can be saved. This will then allow users to store these data in a single other storage database hosted by one of the Third Parties. A user must analyse existing SAP ERP users and their license types if S/4HANA system is to be converted.

How is the conversion of SAP ECC systems to SAP S/4HANA supported by Digital Transformations?

The platform performs automated analyses on the current system as part of Meritotech’s Digital Transformations stream to help understand: • Consequences of the transitions • Effect on the environment and custom codes • SAP model companies & best practices • Advice from S/4HANAPEDIA.AI

Are Digital Transformations useful in identifying the most relevant SAP business process modules?

Meritotech conducts a materiality analysis of each of the functional modules or lines of business (LoBs) present in the system. By assigning a percentage of relevance based on usage, Meritotech identifies the often used and infrequently used modules in the current landscape. Meritotech also identifies the important users and stakeholders connected to each module as well as the sub-processes running underneath each Line of Business.

What are the advantages of a Digital Transformations for SAP system conversion?

The platform evaluates various aspects of the SAP system, including: 1.Detailed information about the kind of SAP system connected to Meritotech is provided by the landscape assessment. 2. Business Process Assessment: Recognizing the impact of the business processes. 3. Custom Objects Assessment: Evaluate how customized the ECC to S/4 Hana transfer is. 4. Business Transformation Assessment: Meritotech analyzes the complete ECC system, provides data to clients, and encourages businesses to go digital. It offers a comprehensive six-level business process mapping. 5. Timeline Assessment: Meritotech's Roadmap Guide module offers a high-level automated roadmap of the SAP S/4HANA system conversion process. 5. How does Meritotech Digital Transformations work? The execution is carried out by the Meritotech engine using a series of scripts and data mining with S/4HANA as the target system and the selected S/4HANA Version.

How does Meritotech Digital Transformations work?

The execution is carried out by the Meritotech engine using a series of scripts and data mining with S/4HANA as the target system and the selected S/4HANA Version.

Has a certification been provided for the security guarantees and compliances?

Yes, as Meritotech is a standalone Validated SAP Store Partner, indicating that the product has undergone security compliance testing for data extraction and storage. In order to create a secure environment, the data that is analyzed is anonymized and encrypted while in transit. The management of the data on hyper-clouds includes physical encryption, anonymization, and processing. The Dashboard's results are derived from data taken from the system.

Is there any support for SCMON exports on the platform?

Yes, this platform enables users to import custom objects via SCMON export.