Navigating Efficiency, Maximizing Potential

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Mapping the Path Ahead: Navigating Project Timelines and Resource Commitments

Priority Setting

Identify critical tasks and phases, enabling better prioritization and optimization of project activities.


Streamlined estimation leads to quicker project delivery, accelerating the realization of benefits and ROI.

Decision Support

Provide stakeholders with data-driven insights that facilitate informed decision-making throughout the transformation journey.

Identify Gaps

Recognize gaps, redundancies, and inefficiencies within the existing setup that can be addressed during the transformation.

S/4 HANA Transition Plan

Examine and retrieve details about your system’s characteristics, operating system information, client configurations, and more. This simplifies the tasks of SAP BASIS Consultants and Infrastructure Engineers, enabling them to quickly grasp the fundamentals of SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, PLM, BW, and S/4HANA systems.

Effort Estimation

Evaluate and estimate the effort required for S/4HANA conversion by system integrators and customers. This simplifies the work of SAP IT leaders, practice leaders, project managers, and architects to plan migrations with the right amount of effort.

Testing Timeline

Receive a timeline of the testing stages of the S/4
HANA conversion, focusing on various features. This reduces the effort of test managers, practice leaders, and project managers to evaluate test schedules at a critical stage of the project.


Experience Connective Automation

Assessment Velocity 75%


Automation bots

Data driven business case 100%


Business KPIs

Cost savings 60%


Happy Customers

Rapid discovery Non-invasive


Business risks identified

Archiving recommendations

Plan your transition with advisory of archiving

Plan your transition with advisory of archiving, not only based on documents, however based on the use of custom reports and transactions. Realize the custom objects data captured in system to get insights on archiving recommendations for an effective management of SAP data footprint.





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